1. Primitive Barbarians.

    Tolerance, a well known vocabulary of the modern people. We walk around, proud of the civilization we possess. Walking around, we wince at signs and banners advocating traditional marriage, pro-life… Walking around we find ourselves laughing, mocking at those “primitive barbarians” who protest against abortion. It is normal, everyone’s doing it, it is right. Then who are these people to fight against the norm? They are, in our little dictionary, are intolerant. They are walking idiots who do not understand the true meaning of life. Puritans with a holier-than-thou attitude. They are backward according to the recent scientific researches. They are what they are, “primitive barbarians”.

    Yet as we boast about the extent of our tolerance, we become apathetic at the opinions of others. We become deaf to voices. Our brand of tolerance which we wear proudly is revealed to be only a false brand. Tolerance exists, to us, as long as the idea pertains to our sentiments, appeal to our emotions, and supports our ideologies.

    So the haughty throne which we are seated, we looks down on those who are against our paradigms. With the scepter of ignorance we create decrees that successfully seal our ears. We are lightens from the burden of reason and logic. But it’s alright since at the end of the day, ignorance is bliss ain’t it?

    ¬†And so we march on with this vocabulary in our pockets. We march on with the banner of tolerance. We market ourselves as the little Buddhas, the logical hipster, the Christian who smokes weed. We are reasonable, we are tolerant, we are loving. ¬†Those who are against us, those who are not with us…well, I guess we just have to keep referring to them as what they are… “primitive barbarians”

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